Main Laws on FCM in the World Seminar

October 11, 2016
October 14, 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Keller and Heckman attorneys and scientists will be speaking at a seminar on worldwide regulation of food-contact materials (FCM).  Main Laws on FCM in the World Seminar is sponsored by the Italian Institute of Packaging and Keller and Heckman. Presenters from Keller and Heckman and the title of their presentation are:

  • Rachida Semail, Partner: EU Legislation on FCM and its relationship with REACH and Biocides
  • Rob Veraat, Scientist: Basic rules for migration testing
  • Hazel O’Keeffe, Counsel: Legislation of EU Countries
  • Luigi Rossi, Independent Strategic Advisor: Italian Law and harmonization in the 10 countries of ASEAN

For more information on the seminar, please click here.