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Maine Finalizes List of Food-Contact Chemicals of High Concern

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The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) finalized the list of food packaging substances identified as chemicals of high concern (CHC) under the state’s Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging law. The substances on the list are: 

•    Bisphenols A, B, S, and F (grouped together as “Bisphenol structure”)
•    4-Octyl phenol
•    Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4)
•    Toluene
•    Styrene
•    Benzene
•    Methylenedianiline (MDA)
•    Propyl paraben, Butyl paraben, Methyl paraben, and Ethyl paraben (grouped together as “Paraben structure”)
•    Benzophenone
•    Nonylphenol

The Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging law was adopted in 2019 as an amendment to Maine’s Toxic Chemicals in Packaging statute. DEP issued a draft report identifying the 10 substances as CHC on February 8, 2021. For more information on CHC, including criteria for listing, see the Chemicals of High Concern page on DEP’s website.