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Guidance on Migration Testing of Adhesives in Non-Plastic Food-Contact Materials Published

The Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry (FEICA) has published a Guidance Paper on Migration testing of adhesives intended for food contact materials, as part of a package on migration testing of non-plastic, food-contact materials. It outlines specific steps for the evaluation of adhesives when used as components of food-contact materials.

Noting that unified testing conditions cannot be defined for adhesives due to their wide range of applications and the complexity of the chemistry involved, the Guidance discusses testing procedures for the following adhesive systems that are typically used in food-contact applications:

  • Reactive polyurethane (PU) adhesives
  • Adhesives based on natural polymers
  • Dispersions/emulsions: Adhesives based on vinyl acetate polymers (PVAc) or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers
  • Dispersions/emulsions: Adhesives based on acrylic polymers and copolymers, including styrene acrylate terpolymers and reactive systems
  • Cold seals
  • Hot seals
  • Hotmelt adhesives

The Guidance was prepared by the FEICA Paper & Packaging Working Group.