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FDA Releases New PFAS Test Results

FDA Building

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing continues to show that the majority of foods do not contain detectable levels of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Test results released by the Agency on February 24, 2022, showed that 89 of 92 food samples had no detectable levels of PFAS, while PFAS was found in three seafood samples (tilapia, cod, and shrimp). Given the limited sample size, FDA determined that no conclusions could be drawn about PFAS levels in seafood in the general food supply.

PFAS are authorized for certain food contact uses by FDA, although FDA and industry have agreed to voluntarily phase out certain types of PFAS (6:2 FTOH). In addition, a number of states have also passed laws to phase out the use of PFAS (for examples, see the article, More States Ban PFAS in Food Packaging). 

This is the fifth set of general food supply testing conducted by FDA and, of the 532 total samples tested, only 10 have had detectable levels of PFAS. Based on this data, there is currently no evidence that indicates that certain foods should be avoided based on PFAS levels, according to FDA.