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Is a RN Number Required on a Packaging Insert Card?

We're having trouble finding information on whether an RN number is required on a packaging insert card (i.e., the company's card that is...

Is a Warning Label Required to be on a Garbage Bag?

I am trying to find out when it is necessary to print a warning label on a garbage bag itself. We currently have a warning label on the packaging...

What are the Contact Information Requirements for Food Packaging?

Can food packaging just have a phone number or does it also have to have a complete address? What are the specific requirements?

What, if any, are the EU Requirements for Minimum Font Size for a Product's Warning Label?

With regards to non-food consumer packaged goods, is there an EU law stating a minimum font size to be used on the packaging when it is...

Is a Grocery Bag Considered an Indirect Food Contact Material Regulated by FDA?

Does a grocery bag qualify as indirect food contact and therefore make it necessary to comply with the related FDA regulations?

What are requirements for testing and analyzing tea bag filter paper as a food-contact material?

We are a tea bag packaging company and buy tea bag filter paper for packing tea bags. What are requirements for testing and analysizing filter...

What is the Process to Claim that a Substance Complies with the Threshold of Regulation?

In order to claim that your use of a substance complies with 21 CFR 170.39, Threshold of Regulation for Substances Used in food contact articles...

Does a Non-Food item have mandatory terminology for the product sampling package?

Is there any mandatory terminology that needs to be displayed on a product sampling package of a non-food item?

Does a MVTR Test for Liquids and Semisolids apply to HDPE and Polypropylene Bottles for lotions?

We are using HDPE and Polypropylene Bottles for lotions. Is it necessary to conduct MVTR Test as per USP 671 for Liquids and Semisolids?

Is Mutual Recognition Applicable to Japan and the EU and US With Regards to Food-Contact Materials?

I am the Engineering Manager for a company specializing in food equipment design. Is there mutual recognition between Japan and the European...