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Petition Submitted to List Food Cans with BPA Resin Linings as Priority Product-Chemical

The Center for Environmental Health submitted a petition the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) requesting that food cans with bisphenol A (BPA) resin linings be listed as a priority product-chemical under the state’s Safer Consumer Products Regulations (often referred to as the Green Chemistry Initiative).

By way of background, California’s Green Chemistry Initiative was adopted in 2008 and took effect October 2013. The implementing regulations require identification and prioritization of “chemicals of concern” in consumer products and designation of priority products. Affected businesses must submit an alternatives analysis (AA) to the use of the chemicals of concern in priority products. Once the AAs are submitted, further regulation of priority product-chemicals may be undertaken. Petitions to add new chemicals of concern and priority products can be submitted to DTSC.

The BPA/can lining petition can be accessed from the CalSafer website. For background information on California’s Safer Consumer Products Regulations, see the article, California’s Green Chemistry Initiative: Impact and Update.