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The Netherlands Updates its Packaging and Utensils Regulation

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An Amendment to the Packaging and Utensils Regulation was published in the Dutch Official Journal. It is only available in Dutch. In summary it

  • Adds new substances to the positive list of polymer production aids permitted for use in the manufacture of plastics (Chapter I), as well as substances authorized for use in the manufacture of paper and paperboard (Chapter II) and coatings (Chapter X)—based on risk assessments conducted by the G4 Committee of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
  • Deletes the mutual recognition clause in the Packaging and Utensils Regulation since a similar clause was added to the Food and Commodities Act (commonly known as “the Warenwet”) in 2015 that applies to all of the individual regulations—including the Packaging and Utensils Regulation—that are based on the Food and Commodities Act 
  • Incorporates new specifications/restrictions for certain substances already included on the positive list
  • Revises and adds new provisions on the use of zirconium, including a Specific Migration Limit (SML) of 2 mg/kg, in various chapters of the Packaging and Utensils Regulation  

The Amendment enters into force on January 1, 2017.