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Food & Chemicals Unpacked: Much Ado About TiO2

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This episode of Food & Chemicals Unpacked provides an update on recent activity involving the use of food additive titanium dioxide (TiO2). It includes a brief background on the use of TiO2 followed by the recent inquiries into the safety of TiO2 in France and Europe, and a recent statement by FDA confirming the safety of the food additive. Dr. Ivan Boyer, a staff toxicologist at Keller and Heckman, shares his insights on the scientific data and the deficiencies in the EFSA assessment that underpinned the recent European ban on TiO2 as a food additive.

Food & Chemicals Unpacked provides clear and concise updates on legislative developments, new regulations, and other non-governmental initiatives that impact the food packaging, food, and chemical industries. Each episode presents critical information on these topics, along with supporting resources from Keller and Heckman’s websites and blogs.

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