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EFSA Issues Annual Report on Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed

The European Food Safety Authority's (ESFA) Scientific Network of Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed published its annual report on Dec. 12, 2013. Among its accomplishments during 2013, the Network finalized a list of national laboratories that have equipment and expertise for analyzing nanomaterials in complex matrices, and it worked on compliling inventory lists of nanomaterials applications currently present in the food/feed chain.

Results from toxicological studies on oral exposure to nanomaterials present in the food/feed chain were reviewed at the Network's 2013 meeting. In particular, differences in study design, test materials and sample preparation, and final interpretation of test results were discussed. The Network agreed on recommendations regarding genotoxicity tests, the adequacy of in vitro test methods for food and feed (oral exposure), and the relevance of developing GI tract tests for in vitro digestibility.

Established in 2010, the Network is composed of representatives from 21 Member States and Norway, in addition to representatives from the European Commission and the EFSA Scientific Committee.