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China Trade Association Publishes Guidance on Classification and Labeling of Degradable Plastic Products

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The China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC) published the Guidance on Classification and Labeling of Degradable Plastic Products on September 8, 2020. This industrial association’s Guidance is in response to the Notice on Further Enhancing Plastic Pollution Control in January 2020. (For more information on that Notice, see the article, China Continues Efforts to Ban and Limit Use of Plastic Products.)

The Guidance includes information on the concept and definition of degradable plastic, the definition and classification of degradable plastic products, degradation performance test methods, label requirements, and graphic styles. According to the Guidance, the degradable plastics are divided into six types: degradable in the freshwater environment, degradable by composted manure, degradable in soil, degradable in the marine environment, degradable by anaerobic digestion of sludge, and degradable by high-solid anaerobic digestion. The size, color and text fonts are also stipulated in the Guidance.