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How Are Colorants for Food Packaging Regulated in Japan?

I understand that the Japan MHLW Notification No. 196 includes a positive list of substances used in synthetic resins used in food contact...

What are the Requirements for Using Aluminum Foil as a Functional Barrier?

I understand that the inclusion of an aluminum foil layer in laminate materials is considered by FDA to be a functional barrier. Should the...

Can Percentages be Rounded in Relative Nutrient Content Claims?

When putting a Less Carb claim on a primary display panel using percentage, can one round up and by how much? For example, if a product has 45.5%...

Is It Necessary to Use Standard Fill Amounts for Wine?

If I found a vessel that I wanted to use for packaging wine but it was a little under the 187 ml fill, can I use that vessel but state on the...

What Food Contact Substances are Cleared for Use During Irradiation of Food?

Are polyolefin materials that comply with Title of the 21 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Section 177.1520 [polymers] compliant with 21 C.F...

How are Colorants Regulated Under the Plastics Regulation?

What is the definition of a "colorant" and the definition of an "additive" in (EU) No 10/2011? Commercially purchased pigments (colorants) can...

Is GMP Certification Required?

Are packaging manufacturers required to be GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified?

Who is Responsible for Compliance Testing?

If I’m the supplier for an additive and I’ve certified that it is FDA compliant (for example §176.170), do my clients need to conduct migration...

What Legal Considerations Apply to Flyers in Fast Food Bags?

For flyers that will be placed in fast food bags, are there any considerations besides the need to use food safe ink?  It is certainly possible...