When must manufacturers disclose animal food products as "Manufactured for XYZ"?

September 26, 2007

When an animal food is manufactured for a company by another company in a different location, must this be disclosed, as in "Manufactured for XYZ"?




If the animal food is manufactured in the U.S., then the applicable federal regulation is 21 CFR section 501.5, which specifies that if the named company is not the manufacturer than the relationship that the company has with the food must be provided. For example, "Manufactured for ------------," "Distributed by ------------," or any other wording that expresses the facts, may be used.

Two additional caveats apply. The states regulate the labeling and distribution of animal food. So, for example, virtually all states require such food distributors to register. There are also specific labeling requirements, such as those relating to a "guaranteed analysis." In addition, if by chance, the animal feed is manufactured outside of the U.S., then Country of Origin marking provisions also apply.