Is the Country Where a Product is Assembled Considered the Country of Origin?

November 12, 2019

With respect to Country of Origin (COO) labeling requirements, could a complete system that is assembled in Finland, with goods that come from over the world, be labeled as “Made in Finland”?


Under the Tariff Act of 1930, every article of foreign origin (or its container) imported into the U.S., unless exempted, must be marked in a manner that will indicate to the ultimate purchaser the article's country of origin. In the U.S., non-preferential standards for goods manufactured in, assembled in, or using materials originating in more than one country specify that the COO is the last place in which the good was substantially transformed into a new and distinct article of commerce, based on a change in name, character, or use.

For more information, see the article, Country of Origin Marking Requirements.