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Are Nutritional Labels Required on Secondary Packaging?

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Are Nutritional Labels Required on Secondary Packaging?


Is it a requirement to post a nutritional label on the boxes we use to ship our product to supermarkets? The bags inside the box, in which the product is packaged, are already in compliance with the regulation.


The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 (NLEA) requires most foods to bear nutrition labeling and requires food labels that bear nutrient content claims and certain health messages to comply with specific requirements. The nutrition facts box must always be a prominent feature on the label of a food product. A few exceptions exist. For example, for "variety pack" products containing several kinds of food within one outer wrapping, nutrition information must appear on the label of the outer container. However, secondary packaging, such as boxes used only for shipping and not visible (i.e., not available to the consumer or not intended for use in selling food products to the consumer) at the point-of-purchase, is not required to have nutritional labeling. 

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