Are Metal Food Containers Required to be 100% BPA Free?

July 22, 2009

I have been seeing various baby food bottles being labeled as BPA free under public pressure to remove BPA. I am assuming that no part of that package contains BPA. If metal food containers are forced down a similar BPA free path, would that require all portions of the package (exterior coatings, tabs, varnished, etc) to also carry the BPA free tag?


Connecticut had passed a Bisphenol A (BPA) ban that includes all infant formula and baby food containers, including cans. The ban takes effect October 1, 2011. The law does not define cans, or specify parts of the can to whick the ban applies. Therefore, the state could interpret the ban as applying to the entire can, although PBA is typically found in liners. (For more information, see the article, Connecticut Bans BPA in All Infant Formula and Baby Food Containers.)