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What FDA regulations are applicable to countertop sealers/finishes?

What FDA regulations are applicable to sealers and finishes for countertops?


Are individual DMF numbers required for the same product when it's supplied by plants in two different countries?

We make closures for the tooth paste industry. We have a DMF number in our USA plant but we want to supply the same product from our Mexican...

What are the labeling rules governing principle display panel (PDP) photos?

Is it required to label a photo of our product as "serving suggestion" on the PDP? What are the rules governing this?


Do repackaged OTC vitamins/supplements have to be in childproof containers?

When repackaging OTC vitamins/supplements, do they have to be in a childproof container?

What are the regulations surrounding the labeling of personal care products?

What are the regulations for labeling Personal Care products with the words natural, organic, or/and biodegradable?


Can the "Made in ..." Labels be Shortened to Only Include the Country of Origin?

We are importing a number of products manufactured offshore for re-sale in the U.S. Some of them are quite small and irregular shaped, and are...

What are the Requirements for Labels of Origin on Non-Food Items?

Is there a requirement for non-food items (specifically steel uniform lockers) made in China to have a label of origin? Does it have to be...

Are There Regulations Concerning the Use of the Word "New" on Packaging in the UK?

I'm trying to establish if there's any legislation governing the use of the word "new" on the label of a product going into the U.K. I'm led to...

Do Both Packaging and Product Need to be Marked "Made in China"?

If a products package is clearly marked with "Made in China" is it necessary to also mark the product within the package? My question is...

What is the Legal Status of Decree N°92-631?

Regarding French food contact safety regulations, was decree N°92-631 replaced by DGCCRF 2004-64? Do they have the same legal status?