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What are NAFTA Requirements for Housewares Produced in China but Packaged in Canada?

We are importing chinaware that is made in China and reselling it wholesale to restaurants in Canada currently. We would like to enter the US...

Please Explain the "Made in USA" Requirements for Packaging?

We are making a product in USA but using packaging in China, we will eventually ship to Canada for sale. Do we have to include "Made in China"...

What are Canada's Regulations on Warning Labels?
  1. We pack products in plastic pouches that we intend to ship to Canada. If the pouch is thicker than 1/1000 inch, then does it NOT require a...
In Ontario, is it acceptable to sell products with packaging only in English?

Is it acceptable to sell product with English only on the packaging in Ontario?

Health Canada has increased Drug Master File (DMF) filing fees, effective as of April 1, 2015. The revised fee structure increases the cost of filing a new DMF to $424 (Canadian), the cost of filing a biannual update to $191 (Canadian), and the cost of filing a Letters of Access to $191 (Canadian).