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Michael A. Hubbard, Ph.D.

Michael A. Hubbard Ph.D.

Michael Hubbard
Phone: +1 202.434.4124
Michael Hubbard

Michael (Mike) Hubbard, Ph.D., is a staff scientist with broad expertise in synthetic inorganic, organic, and polymer chemistry.  He provides technical guidance to clients seeking counsel on state and federal regulatory compliance laws for food packaging materials and other food-contact articles in the U.S. and other jurisdictions. Mike has extensive experience in plastic films used for packaging applications. He also has a particular interest in the development of test protocols and computational exposure models for determining the potential migration of substances from polymers.

Prior to joining Keller and Heckman, Mike worked as a senior product development engineer and scientist. During that time, he was the technology lead for new product development projects, responsible for defining product structures to deliver required properties, for all aspects of manufacturing-scale experiments, and for the analysis and presentation of data. This experience allows him to assist our lawyers and their clients whose companies rely on Keller and Heckman for this kind of expertise.

Mike earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry working on the synthesis and characterization of cross-linkable nonlinear optical polymers.  He holds over a dozen patents, speaks regularly at industry events and conferences, and has been published extensively in leading scientific publications.


  • American Chemical Society

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